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Rogue Jets singular passion is now as always been to create the best custom aluminum jet boats on the market and now we have added prop driven aluminum boats as well to our line of custom aluminum boats. That passion is infused into our entire line of Rogue Jet welded aluminum boats and trailers and each shows the dedication and experience of our staff from start to finish. Although every owner of a Rogue Jet Boat knows that the only way to truly experience the superior handling, construction and performance of our all welded aluminum boats is with a test drive, we've brought as much of the experience as we can online to get your inboard jet boat experience started. You can explore information on aluminum jet boats design and construction and learn about all the 51 standard features that go into making every Rogue Jet boat a Rogue Jet. Of course, this is just the first step. The next is getting behind the wheel yourself of our Custom Aluminum boats.


New from Rogue Jet Boat Works The CHINOOK SERIES Outboards

Available in Center Console, Tiller Model, Inboard or Outboard...  You decide, We Provide!!

20 ft. thru 26 ft. in length -- Wide Bottom 8 degree and14 degree tapered radius bottom
with 6 lifting / turn strakes. Top loading rod lockers available.
Best Performing and handling tiller boat
in the All Welded Aluminum Boat Industry!!





The "Wassom family day", Enjoying the Rogue River, Beautiful sites, Perfect weather, and of course.....The Outstanding Performance of the 23 ft. Fastwater with a 6.2Lt Super Charged engine!!!

Aluminum Fishing Boats by Rogue Jet

Wassom family



26 ft. Coastal, well equipped for a day trip or an extended fishing adventure.

Powered with twin Mercury Outboards, and loaded with the best electronics, the Biller family has a lot to look forward too!


Rogue Jet's mission is to build the safest best handling custom aluminum boats using latest design and components to create the finest welded aluminum boats in the boating industry!

Elements that are Key to performance of our custom aluminum boats are:

Rogue Jet Boats - Choice of Law Enforcement

New Diesel Powered  Jet Boats - Fuel Efficient Rogue Jetboat

Key State-of-the-Art Hull Design & Construction elements for our all welded aluminum inboard jet boats are:


New for 2009 - the Coastal Outboard Series- read more....

To build industry-leading custom aluminum jet boats, Rogue Jet Boats set the standard for high performance, safety, efficiency and design in our welded aluminum boats construction. To learn more about all the quality construction, that go into every Rogue Jet boats construction, and that makes them the premier Jet Boats in the industry, check out: Rogue Jet Boats Design & Construction or Rogue Jet Inboard Jet Boat Models


Coastal Testimonial

"The Coastal 20 is the most fantastic boat I found.  I have been shopping for about 3 years trying to make a decision (actual real use, aluminum vs fiberglass, etc.) other boat set right on me.  I finally retired and made my move when I was introduced to the Coastal.  Good thing I waited!!!"
I fish the Columbia from above Bonneville dam to the mouth of the river and out to buoy 10.  (Plus lake fishing)  I think your boat is incredibly safe, and can now start doing some off shore halibut and tuna fishing to boot.  I am glad you got rid of that "slapping" sound all aluminum boats I have fished on seem to make.  That off shore bracket design was pure genius. Haven't seen one on the river yet.  This boat is going to be a real "head turner".  I'll do my best to make ya proud........."
Grant Brough




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